Culver-Stockton Chapter History - 1987

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 In 1987 DU wins the Interfraternity Scholarship Cup for two more semesters...Dropouts and expulsions shrink the Colony's size to only nine members by the end of Spring Semester... Because of the losses in membership and financial problems, Collier decides to delay Chapter Instalation until 1988... Jack Mercer is named IFC's Outstanding Pledge in April... The Colony is awarded Cottage One on campus for the 1987-88 school year in the same month... DU takes a pledge class of 11 freshman and one sophomore on September 17... DU Executive Director Tom Hansen visits the Colony in October... Wayne Sherer wins initial Iron DUck Award in November during Parents Weekend banquet at Pinocchio's Restaurant... Also in November, the Colony honors eight Culver-Stockton women in the first Diamond Girls ceremony... Larry Webb is elected DU's first Chapter President and the only black President in November.



 In 1988 the Colony is installed as the 133rd Chapter of Delta Upsilon on January 23 in proceedings at Immanuel Methodist Church in Canton. Twenty-seven men are listed as charter members...Chapter loses the Scholarship Cup for the first time in the fall... Chapter takes largest spring pledge class in history with 6 members... Housing Director Mike Kervin awards Cottages Two and Three for 1988-89 school year in April... Brack Collier is awarded IFC's Leadership Excellence Award... Clay Mosely is named IFC's Outstanding Pledge in April... On September 3, DU holds its largest fall activation ceremony in Wood Hall's Blue Room... "Cold Duck Cafe" is held in front of the Cottages on September 7...DU takes 11 pledges on September 23...Five more join through "open bid" process two weeks later... Chapter Hosts "Presidential Forum" in October in anticipation of the upcoming national election.




In 1989 Jonathan Swain is named IFC's Outstanding Pledge Award winner in April, making it the third straight time DU wins the award... Larry Webb shares the Outstanding Active Award with Lambda Chi Alpha member Matt Hoene. Webb also wins IFC's Leadership Excellence Award... Jack Mercer resigns as Chapter President on September 7. Vice President Wayne Scherer suceededs him as for a two month interim presidency. Rodney Rodenbaugh becomes Vice-President... Chapter holds the first Homeless Rally on November 10-11 in the Quincy Mall parking lot...Rodney Rodenbaugh is elected the first Chapter President for the 1990's on November 18... Two Chapter awards are established in December: Steve Linebaugh and Mark Maxeiner win the W. Brack Collier Scholarship Award and Mark Stange wims the Chris Rossi Pledge Scholarship Award... A record five pledges get above a 3.0 in the fall '89 Semester.




In 1990 Andy Brown is the Chapter's first initiate of the 1990's during spring initiation ceremonies on February 10... Jack Mercer wins the IFC's Outstanding Active Award, becoming the first DU to win both Outstanding Pledge and Outstsanding Active Awards. Mark Strange becomes DU's fourth straight member to win the Outstanding Pledge Award... Jonathan Swain becomes the new Vice-President for Internal Affairs and Steve Linebaugh becomes Vice-President for External Affairs after DU's Executive Board is restructured in March... A record 20 DU's record a 3.0 G.P.A. or higher during the Spring Semester... The chapter wins the Scholarship Cup for the first time in 2 1/2 years that same semester... Chapter hosts "DU's Most Excellent Carnival" in September... The Chapter takes fourteen pledges in September. College Administration announces that the Cottages will be closed in May 1991... In a related move, new President Jonathan Swain announces that the Chapter will move into the 1st floor south wing of Shannon Halll for the 1991-92 school year during thee DU Christmas Banquet in December.




Thirteen members are initiated into DU on January 19 in DU's final initiation at the Immanuel Methodist Church. It's also DU's earliest spring initiation...For the first time in five years, DU loses the IFC's Outstanding Pledge Award...Rodney Rodenbaugh is selected as the IFC's newly-created Outstanding Senior Award winner...Jonathan Swain wins the Outstanding Active trophy...On April 12-13, DU's Dinner Dance returns to Rodeway Inn in Quincy after a one year absence...DU wins the Scholarship Cup for the third straight semester in the spring. The 3.09 GPA is also the highest in Chapter history at the time. Twenty-two DU members record a 3.0 GPA or higher...On September 18, Mike Colbert is initiated "solo style" into DU in Chapter's first initiation in Merillat Chapel in Robert W. Brown Performing Arts Center...DU's fill every male slot in 1991 Homecoming Court: Swain as King, Mark Stange as Senior Attendant, Jon Parrish as Junior Attendant, Jamie Vavak as Sophomore Attendant, and Bill Bass as Freshman Attendant..."Car Show" at Rush Week brings DU 18 pledges on September...Bruce Jehling wins the most competitive Chapter President election in DU history in November...Fall Semester brings DU's fourth straight Scholarship Cup...Jason Conner becomes the Chapter's first pledge to make a 4.0 GPA.




Jonathan Swain wins IFC's Outstanding Senior Award in April, becoming the only DU to win all three of the IFC's major individual awards...Alumni Chapter gathers for first time in Chapter Room of Shannon Wing on April 22-24...Terry Sherer is named the first recipient of the Eric A. Benda, Sr. Award For Alumni Excellence...Rodenbaugh later replaces Sherer as Alumni Chapter President...Mark Stange sets record in May by winning or sharing three Collier Awards. Dan Schilling and Wayne Meyer later tie the record in the Fall Semester... DU establishes the highest total GPA for any fraternity over the last 10 years at Culver-Stockton in the spring, finishing with a 3.239 GPA. It also marks the Chapter's fifth straight victory in the race for the Scholarship Cup. The Chapter sets various records in doing so... In the Spring Semester, 29 DU's earn a 3.0 GPA or higher...Five members finish the semester with a 4.0 GPA, also a DU record. They are: Fernando Banegas, Wayne Meyer, Dan Schilling, Mark Stange and Steve Williams...The Ducks take the largest pledge class (21) in Chapter history and largest of any fraternity on campus on September 25...DU wins its sixth straight Scholarship Cup in the fall.




A record 14 pledges are initiated into DU on January 30...DU held 1st Pie IN Your Eye fund-raiser in Spring Semester...Wayne Meyer is named the IFC's Outstanding Active Award winner, becoming the fourth DU in five years to win that award ...DU wins its seventh straight Scholarship Cup in the spring, ending the Spring Semester with a 3.05 GPA...Clint McCracken becomes DU's second pledge to finish a semester with a 4.0 GPA...Alumni Chapter holds Big Bash '93 Alumni Weekend in flood-ravaged Canton ...DU initiates three members in September, the largest fall initiation in four years...Steve Larson is elected DU's first sophomore president in November...Chapter acquires "The Barrel," a house in downtown Canton. The house is used by residents for social functions for one year...DU loses the Scholarship Race for the first time in 3 1/2 years in the fall.




Brain Asher is the Chapter's 100th initiate on February 5, 1994, after only six years, one week and six days of operating as a chapter...For the first time in its history, no DUs win one of the IFC's major awards...Chapter is awarded Zenge Hall for the 1994-1995 school year on May 13...In November, Shawn Kelsch becomes the only senior to be elected Chapter President...Largely because of a small turnout, DU takes only 12 pledges during Rush Week, the smallest DU fall pledge class in Chapter history...Bid Night at Johnson Hall is on Thursday, September 15, the first non-Friday Bid Night in seven years...Pledge class records a 2.992 GPA, the highest of any DU fall pledge class at Culver-Stockton...Chapter members ring bells for Salvation Army...Shawn Kelsch is the first senior to be elected Chapter President in November...The Chapter's scholarship program is given the Best Scholarship Award by the Fraternity Headquarters in December...Paul Mineck is DU's third pledge to complete a 4.0 GPA for an entire semester.




Chapter moves Dinner Dance to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after three years at Fort Madison...Alumni Chapter members get a tour of new DU House during Alumni Weekend in March...Joe Jolly is elected DU's second sophomore Chapter President in 17 months in April...Rob Crenshaw wins the IFC's Hercules Award as the college's outstanding Greek athlete. It's the first time DU wins that award in nine years...Joe Jolly is a part of the groundbreaking for a new fraternity park near the DU house in May...The college moves Bid Night to Wood Hall because of renovations at Johnson Hall...The Chapter takes 17 pledges. It's the highest among Culver-Stockton fraternities and the second largest in the Chapter's history...Matt Durbin is elected Chapter President in November. He becomes the second senior to win the Presidency in one year and the third straight one-semester President...For the second straight year, DU is given the Best Scholarship Award by the Fraternity Headquarters...DU wins the intramural football championship for the first time in its history...Paul Fliege becomes the fourth DU to record a 4.0 GPA as a pledge.




A record-tying number of 14 initiates sign the roll book during initiation ceremonies on February 17. It brings DUs all-time roll to 138 members...The fraternity park surrounding the DU house is scheduled to be finished in the fall...The Chapter celebrates the 10th anniversary of its colonization at Culver-Stockton on April 12-14. The actual date of the 10th anniversary is April 22.




The chapter takes 11 new pledges and the college moves "Running of the Bulls" to the Football field. Tom Cline, Matt Mara, Zane Whorton, Nate Coombs, Mat Mackey, Patrick Keyser, Joe Willerth, Nathan, Paul Unger, Scott Nicholay and Mike Velo. We also took 3 new Spring pledges: Adam Stoltz, Ryan Goodman and Matt Anderson. We have over 50 members that are extremely involved in college activities.




Brad Hudson was elected President. DU celebrates 10 years on Campus as a Chapter.




Aaron Bowers was elected President for his final semester. The Huck Finn Four enjoy their Mississippi River adventure.



 For the Fall of 2000, Phil Randford was President for a semester followed by Tom Cline to serve for a year.




In the Spring of 2001, DU dominates in IM Wiffleball to become Wiffleball champs!




In 2002, only hours after Graduation ends a devastating tornado hits the DU Chapter house (Zenge Hall), the Field House and Henderson Hall with the Dome.




DU starts anew after being placed in Shannon Hall as the planning for the rebuilding of Zenge Hall begins.




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Matt Durbin becomes Alumni President for the CSC Chapter of DU.




Mathew Holt becomes Alumni President for the CSC Chapter of DU.




Jerry Best becomes a Sophmore President for Delta Upsilon, leading the charge to make changes



 In October, Bill "Dad"  MacBeth passed away.  He was a wonderful human being and was a true brother. His influence on Delta Upsilon will surely be missed. Bruce Green was named President only weeks after becoming an Active Member in November.  A heavy burden for someone so new in the Chapter.



 In the Spring, Patrick Keyser becomes Alumni President for the CSC Chapter of DU.




Due the growth of the incoming freshman at Culver-Stockton, DU chooses to move to Johnson Hall for Fall 2012.  On September 19, the DU Chapter takes 12 new members - nearly doubling the size of the Chapter to 26 members.




Will Celebrate 25 years as a Chapter of Delta Upsilon on the campus of Culver-Stockton College!




The new associate members double the house size, increasing it to 30. Spencer Waters, a sophomore, has been elected President of the undergraduate members to keep the chapter going in the right direction.